4 Reasons To Use Facebook for Business

4 Reasons To Use Facebook for Business

1) Custom targeted audience


Facebook advertising campaigns are engineered around (and for) specific audiences. For this reason, the Facebook Custom Audience Tool will work magic. This tool permits marketers to transfer lists of contacts like emails, UIDs, and phone numbers, therefore, you’ll be able to target them with certain ads.

This is good for everybody from entrepreneurs with only a few hundred contacts to massive enterprises with many thousands.


2) Maximum reach at minimal cost


If you’re planning to launch a business online, you want to make where the people are. Currently, Facebook is at #3 for the foremost inhabited online platform with 1.79 billion active monthly users.

Advertising on Facebook is relatively cheaper than on Google. Also, Facebook video views are cheaper than YouTube.

Research shows that buyers spend ninetieth of time spent on mobile is on apps and Facebook leads the way as the most downloaded platform of the primary half 2016.

Although you shouldn’t be spending all of your cash on Facebook advertising, these numbers are just too massive to ignore.


3) Chatbots


Ever since Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook’s 10-year roadmap, each business is making an attempt to utilize Facebook messenger to speak with their customers. For an honest reason: it currently contains a billion monthly active users.

A while back, Shopify announced they’re going to let their stores sell directly on Facebook messenger. this is often a game changer. once more and additional businesses begin commerce on Facebook, user engagement and hours spent on the platform can still increase.

With additional customers interacting with brands on Facebook, the utilization of chatbots can inevitably become a necessity. With chatbots, you may able to create structured messages together with pictures, links, and call to action buttons.

Brands are able to style bots in order that conversation with customers and buying will be instantaneous.


4) Brand awareness


Facebook will work lots like PR if managed strategically. The brand Awareness ad objective uses a mixture of real-time proxy metrics with both the reach and a spotlight users provide to a campaign to produce brands with most exposure.

Getting started with this early on is essential in order that later campaigns will have a bigger audience. The goal is capture attention across the board to induce in front of individuals possibly to have an interest in your brand.0 v 0

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