UGC Student Grievance Portal

UGC Student Grievance Portal

ugc student grievance portal

Need for Student Grievance Redressal System

How do you solve the grievances in your institution? Do you think that the grievance redressal in your institution is unbiased and always done correctly? In this days of increasing internal conflicts, an effective student grievance redressal system is necessary for every educational institution to address the complaints of students. Grievances in educational institutions may adversely affect the morale, productivity and willingness of the stakeholders to co-operate with the institution. Owing to the greater demand of grievance handling system in higher education, University Grants Commission (UGC) has made it mandatory for its affiliated institutions to establish online grievance redressal system to solve the grievances or complaints of the students.

Most institutions welcome this suggestion from UGC as they find it difficult to address grievances in the most discreet manner. Online grievance redressal system is intended to redress grievances in a confidential way keeping the rights of institute protected. Through the establishment of a grievance redressal system, the complainant gets assured that his/her rights will be protected by the institution. Since grievance registration and disposal using online system is quite effortless and time-saving, aggrieved person need not approach the grievance consultant directly to communicate his/her complaint. Systematic and transparent handling of grievances helps the petitioner relieve his/her feeling of dissatisfaction.

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