4 Reasons we love Reactjs framework.

4 Reasons we love Reactjs framework.

Our front-end team loves trying new things. New frameworks, new build tools… something that produces our work more efficient. While a number of the tools we tend to use have proved helpful, a few fully revolutionized our workflow (like change to Sass – one of the most effective choices we ever made).
But with the front-end world ever-changing on a day to day basis, it’s hard hard to devote time to learning a new framework – particularly once that framework might ultimately become a dead end. thus if you are looking for the next best thing but you are feeling somewhat bit lost within the framework jungle, I recommend looking for React.

React is a free library from the Facebook dev team, which is used on many new generation websites.Here are some of the main 4 reasons why we’re building our user interface in React, and why you may wish to consider it as the basis of your next project:


  • Fast Learning Curve

React is extremely an easy and light-weight library that solely deals with the view layer. it’s not a beast like alternative MV* frameworks like Angular or ember. Any Javascript developer can understand the fundamentals and begin developing an impressive web application after only some of days reading tutorial.

As the React guide says ‘Thinking in React’ may be a little different than you used to since it brings a brand new approach to the table, however it’ll become a lot of easier  as you gain expertise with it.

  • Its Good For SEO

One of the biggest problems with JavaScript frameworks is that they’re not specifically search engine friendly. though there are some enhancements in this space, search engines typically have hassle reading JavaScript-heavy applications.

React stands out from the group because you’ll run React on the server, and therefore the virtual DOM are going to be rendered and returned to the browser as a regular web page. No need for PhantomJS and different tricks!

  • It gives you out-of-the-box developer tools

When you begin your journey with React, do not forget to install the official React Chrome extension. It makes debugging your app most easier.

After you install the extension, you’ll need an instantaneous look into the virtual DOM just as if you were browsing a regular DOM tree within the elements panel. Pretty amazing right?

  • React Native

Once you get comfortable with building web application with React, you’ll be able to simply switch to building mobile application using React Native. although it’s not directly related to React, React Native follows same design patterns, making the transition easier!


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