Products and Services

Rent Management

Apartment management with tenant and rent management system!

Advocate Management

Advocate management system!

Customer Management

One stop solution.

Online / Offline Billing

Accounting solution.

Office Management

Internal office functions for government tendering.

Spice Sales

Ecommerce Solution.

Fish Export

Fish Exports.

Facility Management

Facility Management.

Online Fish Store

Ecommerce with delivery staff app

Online Pet Store

Woocommerce Implementation.

NGO Campaign

NGO Campaign with online payment

Ceepe Industries

Advanced security systems and related equipments.

Tatoo Studio

Tatoo studio portfolio website

Advocate Portfolio

Advocate Website.

Marble Gallery Sales

Marble Graphite Shop

Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Elearning Platform

Elearning Platform.

Marine Engineering

Marine Engineering , Spare Parts

Hotels and Tourism

Houseboat / Tours and travels

Travel Agency

Vehicle Hiring and Travel Agency.

Travel and Tourism

Website for Charted accountants!

CA Website

Website for Charted accountants!