eCommerce Websites

Your store has a geographical limitation as your customers come from your town or maybe neighborhood but with an online e-commerce website, you can reach customers without any geographical limits.

Engaging shopper experience

We focus on providing your customers a wonderful shopping experience. Folks have found their of reasons to shop online it may be because one can avoid reaching to a store when one can shop online and the store is just at the tip of the finger. Our eCommerce solutions also include online booking forms, order management, marketing promotions (discounts), measurement and reporting.
It is very important is keep your customers engaged and enable quick decision and checkout. Lengthy shopping and checkout process annoys shoppers and ends up in an unpleasant shopping experience, this affects store return of customers. We strategically design each module and develop them into a quick and efficient e-commerce platform.

Earn as you sleep

Your store might have a business working hours but e-commerce platform doesn’t, you will have customers visiting your store round the clock and you need not worry about attending any.
The e-commerce platform that we build, will intimate you of the stock volume, sale summary, account summary and thus lets you earn while you sleep.

We build Magento shopping carts

Dreamster loves building shopping carts in Magento. We have the expertise to build engaging eCommerce stores in Magento.
Our Magento developers can also integrate your eCommerce websites with existing systems including your online accounting system, eBay, and others. Magento is a very powerful and efficient platform best suited for e-commerce web solutions.

Measuring results using web analytics

Your e-commerce website will be carefully monitored using Analytics to specifically track bounce backs. Bounce back happens when a customer drops off during the check-out process, or any time before that. By analytics we can ascertain a number of factors like demographic info of the customers with respect to their age, sex, location etc. can be learnt, apart from that we can also monitor their activities, like which item they searched for and how much time they spent on it etc.. This critical information can be used for remarketing strategies and making informed business decisions.

Who We Are ?

Dreamster is focused on delivering engaging online experiences. We connect businesses from all sorts of industries with the online world by providing unprecedented value, quality and service for all our solutions.

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